5 Tips For Success On Your First Lash Set

Lash extensions have been on the incline for the last century for good reason; the sultry voluminous lash can command a room. In the last decade, lash extensions have been made more accessible through lash salons and the professional aestheticians that can apply them. 


If you are getting your first lash extension, we have 5 tips to keep your lashes long and strong.


Choose Lashes That Mimic Your Lash Line: You want your first lash extension experience to be a positive and memorable one. By asking your aesthetician to apply extensions that are similar to your lashes, it eliminates the chance of your lashes falling out prematurely. Lash extensions that are similar to your natural lashes will create a smooth transition into volume without overwhelming your face.


Don’t Use Waterproof Mascara: You might be used to applying waterproof mascara in the past to make your eyes pop and withstand all-weather, the waterproof option is not recommended for lash extensions. Your lashes are kept on by a strong adhesive, and the elements in waterproof mascara can disintegrate that glue faster than anticipated. Try to apply non-waterproof mascara on your bottom lashes but stay away from applying anything on top.


Use A Gentle Face Wash: Use an oil-free makeup remover that eliminates the harsh rubbing and scrubbing of your eyes. Brush your lashes out gently using an upward motion; your lashes will remain full and attached longer. Our Lash Cleanser is the perfect accessory for keeping your lashes beautiful and healthy.


Avoid Overnight Eye Creams: Overnight eye creams are amazing when you want to feel refreshed in the morning, but unfortunately, it won’t do you any favours when you have lash extensions for the first time. The high amount of oil found in eye creams will ruin the potency of the adhesive in the extension and will make them fall out at a much rapid rate.


Opt For The Classic Lash: Especially important if you are getting your first lash applied by a licensed aesthetician a classic lash, typically 50 lashes in a set, are light and less dense than the voluminous set. A classic set won’t feel heavy on your eyes and you can get accustomed to lashes in a more natural progression.


You are ready for your lash appointment! Here’s to many more! 


LashCat is proud to offer many ranges of lash products, from lashes to tweezers and all accessories in between. To learn more tips and tricks or find out more information about our LashCat products, click here.


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