5 Ways to Accentuate Your Eyes When You’re Wearing a Mask

Lipstick, step aside. It’s time for your eyes to take the stage.

We’ve all come to accept the fact that we will be wearing protective masks for a little while longer. And while our ‘new normal’ is not necessarily friendly in flaunting our flawless features, it does give us the opportunity to highlight our individual brows and lashes.

Incorporating a funky colour palette for your eyelids or enhancing your lashes with our range of voluminous lash extensions can bring some much-needed positivity and spunk to a rather bland COVID-19 era. Find inspiration from these 5 bold and exciting new ways to enhance your look while keeping safe!


Mix and Match 

Mirror your mask’s colour with your eyeshadow for some playful tones. The best technique is using cream-based eyeshadow that can be easily applied and drawn over with funky patterns. Showcase your inner artiste and bring back fun into your daily life!


Fly Away with a Bold Wing

Dig deep into your creative expression and go for that bold winged liner you might have been too timid to try out pre-pandemic. Whether you’re going for a trendy pastel or an unmissable darker tone, make sure to wear that confidence on your sleeve. The best part about the winged liner is that you can layer colours on top of another to give it a multi-dimensional rockstar vibe!


You Dew You

Dewy skin is always in because it appears freshly moisturized and baby-faced. A dewy eyelid can give you the same effect with an extra colourful twist. Blend a rich taupe on your lids and add jelly-based creams that can include bold hues like fuchsia, tangerine and turquoise! Cream-based shadows give your eyes that effortless dew, while releasing your inner rockstar!


It’s All Groovy 

If winged eyeliner has always been your signature look, pre and during pandemic, may we suggest adding an element of retro chic flare? You can intensify you inner ‘60s and ‘70s persona with adding shimmer and glimmer to your lids, while winging your liner just a little past the ends of your lids. Add our ultra-glam lashes for the cherry on top!


Feelin’ Blue and True 

Blue hues are always in because they complement every eye shape and colour! Hope on the blue trend by experimenting with different shades including seafoam green, deep ocean and jewel tones. If you’re feeling confident, why not line your lids with a blue liner to really make your eyes pop? 


Make your eyes stand out this spring with LashCat’s full range of beauty products!

Experimenting with different shades and hues can add a little positive spin to wearing your mask! Start showing who you are with just a wink of an eye, and shop our full range of beauty products today!


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