Common Misconceptions About Eyelash Extensions Explained

There are a lot of rumours floating around about lash extensions and whether or not they’re good for you. It can be easy to be misled by headlines of articles talking about all of the horror stories associated with bad lashes, but we’re here to set the record straight when it comes to eyelash extensions. When done properly by a fully trained lash technician, lash extensions are nothing to be afraid of!

Eyelash Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes

When lash extensions are applied properly, this is completely false. But there are lash techs that lack proper training and when applied incorrectly, lash extensions can cause unnecessary stress on natural lashes. Do your research before choosing a lash artist! Make sure they have training from a reputable brand, such as Lash Cat. All good lash techs should have a portfolio of their previous work, not basic stock images. You should be able to see real photos of real customers who are happy with their work so you know what to expect from your lash tech. Take the time to find a responsible, skilled lash tech that can give you amazing results without compromising your natural lashes. Lash extensions can also benefit your natural lashes by minimizing the stress put on them from roughly rubbing off mascara or other eye makeup at the end of the day.

Lash Extensions Feel Uncomfortable

Lash extensions should be completely weightless because the adhesive and the actual extension never touch the skin of your eyelid. Each lash extension should be attached individually to the natural eyelash directly so the client’s growth and shed cycle can remain healthy. This means a properly applied eyelash extension will not cause a natural lash to fall out prematurely, nor will it tug or pull on your eyelids! The amount of drama you can achieve through your extensions should be assessed by your lash tech. Lash extensions should be applied in relation to the strength of your natural lashes in order to ensure they don’t cause any damage to the natural lashes and feel weightless.

Lash Extensions Are Just Like Strip Lashes

False! Lash extensions should be applied to a single natural lash only. The adhesive should bond directly to the natural lash, never on the skin of the eyelid. This allows your lashes to stay in a healthy growth cycle, and continue to shed naturally as they would with or without lash extensions on. For some clients it may feel like more lashes are falling out with extensions, but that’s only because the extensions make fallen eyelashes more noticeable when you find them.

All Lash Extensions Are The Same

Lash extensions should be customized to the length and thickness of your own unique set of natural lashes! The reality is that clients with short or fine lashes may not be able to support super thick or long lash extensions. Lash techs should be customizing a client’s extensions to what their natural lashes can support. If you have a customer that wants dramatic volume lashes, but they have very fine natural lashes you can try using our Cashmere Volume Extensions in 0.03 thickness. These lashes are up to 60% lighter than classic extensions so finer lashes can still achieve dramatic lash looks!

Lash Extensions Are Maintenance Free

While lash extensions do make your makeup routine easier, they will require a bit of upkeep to get the most out of your set of lashes. Don’t pick, pull, or twist your extensions at all! You also do not want to sleep directly on your lashes as this causes friction and stress that can pull off the lash extensions from the natural lash. You should avoid using oils in your skincare routine around the eye area as this can affect the bonding of the lash and result in premature lash shedding. You should also clean your extensions with a gentle cleanser such as a baby shampoo to keep oils off of the extensions as well as take off any makeup or bacteria. Additionally, you should brush your extensions with a clean mascara wand twice a day to remove any debris and ensure the extensions are tangle free and looking their best.

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