Don’t Forget Your Bathing Suit, and Taking Care of Your Lashes

At LashCat, we LashCare - and with summer in full swing, it’s time to care for those naturally wonderful lashes of yours and treat them with respect. Whether you like to wake up and go with a very natural appearance or like to get dolled up like the highest of movie stars, lash extensions are always a good way to showcase your eyes. 


We are huge supporters of ‘easy beauty’ meaning beauty that doesn’t require a lot of effort; a little mascara here, a little concealer there and you’re set. That is why the summer is the perfect time to upgrade your lash routine!


It’s natural that we increase the time we spend outside during the summer, whether it’s taking a dip in a refreshing pool or enjoying a fantastic patio. While we’re busy enjoying our lives outside, it’s easy to forget to take care of our lashes.


Keeping your lashes healthy all summer long!

LashCat has 4 easy steps to ensure that your lashes stay healthy and growing throughout the summer while flaunting those beautiful falsies that have heads turning more than your sundress!


  1. Keep ‘em clean. This may sound like an obvious step, but keeping your lashes clean throughout the hot summer months can extend the life of your falsies. You can let the shower delicately run through your lashes for a few seconds to wipe any leftover dirt, dust and sand. No scrubbing needed!
  2. Don’t get too hot to handle. While you might be a grill master, getting extreme heat near your lashes can weaken the glue bond and make them fall out prematurely. While you can enjoy a nice bonfire, we would advise away from saunas and extreme heat areas.
  3. Carry a towel - which you would’ve probably carried anyways to dry off from a fun day of swimming. Gently dab your lashes with a towel to dry them off, so that they look top-notch. Plus, extracting the moisture from the falsies will only extend the life of your extensions!
  4. Don’t get the sunscreen in your eye. Sunscreen is a vital accessory for your summer adventures, especially if you’re going on a day trip and fun excursions. What the sunscreen is not good for are your eyes, as the sunscreen can irritate your eye. When applying sunscreen, just be careful not to get too close to your extensions as the formula can break down the glue easier and make your lashes fall prematurely.


Fun in the Sun with radiant lashes from LashCat!

It’s your summer and we’re totally here for it! When you are so busy having fun during the hot heat, don’t forget to take care of your lashes and eyelash extensions with our 4 ways to keep your lashes healthy!

Shop our full range of beauty products today, and don’t forget your beach umbrella!


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