Eyeliner Tattoo: It’s Here To Stay For Good

Permanent eyeliner is making a comeback and it looks better than ever; eyeliner tattoo is its new name. Eyeliner tattoo is applied with tattooing techniques, using ink to apply the liner on your top lash line for the appearance of effortless liner. If you are nervous about a long-time commitment with eyeliner, you can use Dual Mascara Serum & Coating ShineE to create the perfect lash before your procedure and consult the licensed aesthetician on recreating the perfect eyelid.


Starting Off Small

The ink is permanent, so it can be a big commitment if you’re on the fence about the procedure, but you can always start off small. An aesthetician can help you choose the perfect liner for your eye shape and the best liner for your face frame; from there you can choose to go as thin or thick as you’d like. You can opt for the natural looking, thin liner and after a couple of years, you can graduate to a thicker winged liner.


A Permanent Solution

Eyeliner tattoo lasts anywhere from 3 to 5 years, proving it perfect for the hardworking woman and man that wastes no time. Besides enhancing your classic eyelid shape, it also helps clients with thinner and falling out lashes by creating the illusion of a full set without having to add any false lashes. If you are suffering from Alopecia and other hair loss, the application of eyeliner tattoo doesn’t need to attach to any lashes, it can be performed directly on the eyelid, giving you that extra eye pop you want.  


Eyeliner Tattoo Versus Eye Enhancement

Depending on which liner you choose to go with, the application only takes 45 minutes and only needs to be retouched every 2 years.  It’s important to understand that eyeliner tattoo and eye enhancement procedures are very different despite producing similar results; the tattoo route uses permanent ink and lasts a maximum of 5 years, and the eye enhancement uses vegetable based-dye with a result lasting up to nine months.


Paying the Price For Quality

The application of eyeliner tattoo by a licensed aesthetician is on the pricier range, costing anywhere from $400 to $545, and touch-ups run at about half of what you initially paid for the original procedure. Eyeliner tattoos, though permanent, can fade over time due to Sun damage, exposure to the outdoors and varying makeup techniques that cause the liner to disintegrate faster. Despite older studies that have claimed that eyeliner tattoos can be painful and uncomfortable, the process is quite painless and fast.


Reaping the Benefits

Enhancing your perfect eye shape can augment the size of your eyes and instantly brighten up your face. Technology in eyeliner tattooing has developed exponentially over the last decade, creating a painless procedure that lasts more than any other beauty procedures. Whether you choose to go with a natural-looking, thinner liner for the everyday or choose the sexy thicker liner to feel glamorous every day, there is a perfect eyeliner tattoo for everyone.

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