Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot with the Humidity | How to Keep Your Falsies Safe

The summer is here, and it’s gonna be a hot one! While you’re making your rounds to all the coolest pool parties, make sure your lash extensions join you at the party. One thing that we wish would just not exist during the hot summer months? Humidity.  

Humidity, aside from making our hair frizzy and large, can also have a negative effect on our falsies. Not to fret, grab that pool floatie, and we’ll teach you how to maintain your immaculate lashes while you battle the humidity of summer 2021!


The ideal humidity for eyelash extensions

For optimal performance of lash extension glue, your room humidity levels must be between 45-60%. While high temperatures will not affect your natural lashes, they will take a toll on your lash extensions due to the power of the heat breaking down the adhesives on your lash line.

The direct, high heat from a blowdryer, stove or grill can cause falsies to clump up or even melt. Your best solution? Stay away from extreme heat sources that have the potential to ruin your lashes.


How does humidity affect lash extensions?

Some things just don’t mix. Oil and water, socks and sandals, humidity and falsies. Humidity has the power to activate the adhesive to break down and weaken at a much faster rate than you had hoped. Plus, once the lash glue weakens, you will more likely get lashes that clump together because of the moisture that’s on them. 


The humidity might give us a nice dewey skin tone during the warmer months, but our natural oil build-up also means a higher chance of the oil seeping into the glue adhesive. Choose an adhesive that is resistant to natural oils to extend the life of your falsies, while you reap the benefits of glowing skin!


How do you protect your lashes from humidity?

Extensions have been proven to fall twice as fast in a humid environment, as lashes that have been applied in a dry setting. Don’t take the chances of your falsies falling fast - use these tips to prolong their life!

You’ll need to give your lashes a little more TLC during the summer. Here are some easy ways to protect your lash extensions:

  • Clean your lashes with a gentle cleanser, like our Lash Cleanser made for sensitive eyes
  • Give your lashes a delicate comb every day, to keep them looking full and non-clumpy
  • Use a dehumidifier that increases the air quality in your home and decreases the chances of your lashes falling out prematurely 


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