Glare to be Different | How Eyelash Extensions Command a Room

It’s the classic movie scene entry: a person walks into a room and time stops. As the camera focuses in on their eyes, everyone around them is completely at her feet. Their essence, their styles, their eyes. A commanding stare from across the room has more power than 1000 words, and eyelash extensions are the greatest accessory to make your entry in the room one that most will never forget.

As films increased, so did the need to look Hollywood-esque. We quickly began to idolize the look that was perceived on screen, and it has been a continuous pattern leading into the 21st Century. Eyelash extensions are much more than an accessory, they demand attention.

You don’t have to act on the silver screen to get noticed. LashCat is here to help make your eyes and your confidence POP!

Professional Eyelash Extensions Will Change Your Perspective

Women in today’s age have mastered the art of creating a sexy yet natural full lash, whether thru the use of cosmetics such as a simple eyelash curler and mascara, or eyelash extensions for a more dramatic effect. Those in pursuit for the perfect lashes can accomplish a sexy lash with our lush Lash C Plus+ Curl Eyelash Extensions or our va-va-voom Cashmere D Curl Eyelash Extensions

If you want a luxurious alternative to everyday volume mascara, LashCat is dedicated in creating products that will enhance your appearance and boost your confidence. We know you’re busy, and our products are stress-free and easy to apply.

Those In Favour Say ‘Eye’

What I love about lash extensions is that no matter what colour, shape or size your eyes are, big lashes can always improve the way your eyes are presented to the world. You might think you have small beady eyes, or your left eye is smaller than the right, but once you are enhanced with lash extension you are instantly transformed. We want to elevate the way you approach the look of your eyes, and truly maximize the windows to your soul.

Give It A Boost

Eyelash extensions have revolutionized the way a person looks at themselves. You could be having a rough day or missed the mark on your important presentation, but your eyes can remain confident. It’s important to realize how influential the perception of eyes is to the world; they are one of the first thing strangers notice.

If you have a poor perception of how your eyes look it can create an instant sense of self-doubt, and alternatively if your eyes glow whenever you speak, you are undoubtedly more confident. Eyelash extensions are more than just an aesthetical trend, they can truly spark a person’s confidence and perk up their day if they’ve been feeling low.  

Look Your Doubts in the Eye!

Command that room! Nail that interview! Boost your confidence! Click here for our professional eyelash extensions and accessories.



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