Goodbye sweaty and runny -  hello fresh and pretty summer makeup!

The summer is filled with fantastic things - boozy slushies, relaxing pool days and rocking your favourite breezy outfit. One thing that never belongs in the heat, however, is makeup that is melting off your face. Summer 2021 is full of summer possibilities. 

We all want to go outside and enjoy the sunshine without having to worry about our makeup looking sloppy. No matter how hot you get, enjoy the fact that your makeup will stay put.


Stay away from cakey and choose light and airy summer makeup!

 LashCat has five ways to make sure your makeup stays put while you’re busy having patio drinks or doing massive cannonball at the family picnic.

  1. Pick the right moisturizer. The way you take care of your skin is almost as important as what you choose to put on your face. Opting for an oil-free moisturizer can save you the hassle of looking shiny in the middle of the day, and prevents mascara from running down your face when temperatures get sweltering.
  2. Choose a fantastic primer. Primers are the best investment in the summer because they hold the makeup in place without feeling like a heavy layer. Primers serve an essential purpose in the summer months because a majority of them are made with some sort of sunblock protection while helping you smooth out your complexion. It’s a win-win.
  3. Go for the waterproof option. Raccoon eyes only belong to the pesky animals outside, not on your face. A reliable waterproof mascara or eyeliner can make all the difference this summer. The best part is that you don’t have to compromise on all the water activities you want to enjoy the summer and fully experience summer without having to worry about any runny makeup.
  4. Trade the lipstick for the lip stain. Leave the lipsticks for the fall and winter, and choose lip stains for the hot summer days. Stains are great because you can also apply a sunblock balm on top without the colour leaving your lips. We suggest going for lighter pinks and reds for a lovely summer look.
  5. Finish with a setting spray. Setting sprays are always an important part of applying your makeup, but in the summer it’s essential. Setting sprays have the ability to lock in your makeup and make you look fresh all day long. Seal in your beauty without having to look shiny or sweaty.

Look fresh and pretty this summer with our five tips on how you can lock in your makeup! Browse our full range of beauty products - whether you have a slushie margarita in your hand or are planning your next tropical vacation!


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