How to Apply Lash Extensions Like A Pro in the Comfort of Your Own Home!

 We’ve all been experiencing the COVID-19 lifestyle - socially distanced and ready to embark on new beauty adventures all by ourselves. Just because you can’t see your professional lash technician, doesn’t mean that you have to have less-than-stellar lashes. At LashCat, we provide you with our full range of products that can make you feel fantastic wherever you are, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t need a pick-me up right about now?


Your step-by-step how to guide!

We came up with our step-by-step guide on how you can apply your lash extension like an expert and have everyone saying “whoa!”. If you’re getting tired of watching YouTube tutorials that just don’t make sense unless you went to aesthetician school for years, we can teach you the best ways to apply your extensions without the unnecessary complicated lessons. Lesson in session!

  1. First, you got to choose the right lash. We suggest starting with cluster lashes, like our Lash C+ set that gives you that range of volume you’re craving without the added hassle of applying individual lashes. 
  2. Brush out your natural lashes to get rid of any debris that might have settled on them and prepare them for the extensions.
  3. Apply the glue on the back of your hand and use it as a direct way to apply your lashes.
  4. Carefully apply your lashes as close to the lash line as possible. Don’t worry about getting them perfect on your first try, you can always adjust them.
  5. When you’re applying your set, be careful with the inner and outer corners of your eyes. If the lashes are too long, or infringe your eyesight, you can always use scissors to carefully cut them and give you that perfect length needed.
  6. Make any adjustments using tweezers and be careful not to endanger your natural lashes by pulling too hard when adjusting your falsies.


Some tips to consider while you’re in the process of applying your lashes!

  • Bend the lash strip for 30 seconds. Making the inner and outer end of the lash strip kiss, hypothetically speaking, distributes the adhesive glue overall, instead of having a glob of glue in one place and none in another.
  • Don’t close your eyes when applying the extensions because it distorts your eye shape. This is where the mirror tip comes in handy.
  • Look downwards at the mirror, not straight ahead. Your eyelids extend when they’re at a perpendicular angle, simplifying the process of applying your falsies without the risk of poking your eyes when you look straight at the mirror.


Give ‘Em That Flare, Give ‘Em That Stare with LashCat Beauty Products!

Voila, a perfect lash set that represents you and gives you that boost of confidence! 

Anybody can be a lash connoisseur if they take the time to educate themselves on the proper application of falsies - and with our full range of beauty products, we can help you become the individual you have always wanted to be!


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