Lash Salon Sanitization - Why You Need a Frequent Cleaning Schedule

If you are currently in the lash industry, you love to make people love themselves through the art of lash art. Whether it’s the joy on a client’s face after they leave your appointment or the continuous skills and techniques you learn from one happy customer to another, you love your job!


At LashCat, we want to celebrate talented lash technicians like you with our wide range of products that enhance you and your client’s lash experience. As a professional in the lash industry, it’s our job to be as informed as possible to stay with current trends and ensure the safety of our clients. Sometimes, we got to talk about the nitty-gritty parts of our industry and break down cleaning protocols to continually empower you forward in the beauty industry.


Hygiene. It’s not the most glamorous topic in the beauty industry but it is the most important. You can have a pristine salon, a loyal customer base and top-notch skills, but if you don’t implement the right hygiene protocols, you might as well not have a lash salon at all. Salon hygiene should be a priority in your salon, as it reflects your levels of sanitation - you’re dealing with people’s eyes and lashes after all!


A frequent cleaning schedule makes all the difference

By frequently inspecting common areas like bathroom sinks, countertops and any glass surfaces, you are ensuring that not only does your salon look inviting and professional, it also reflects your standards for your establishment. As a lash expert, you’re always striving to give your clients the best experience as soon as they walk through your door, and what better way to show you care than having a pristine lash salon?


As experts in the lash industry, we have learned some handy tips and tricks to keep your salon squeaky clean and welcoming. A daily cleaning schedule can make the difference between having a neat salon and a dirty establishment. So what are the best cleaning tools to keep your lash salon up to organized standards? Here are just some:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Face masks
  • Medical-grade disinfectant
  • Wipes and sanitizing cloths


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You can be the best lash technician in the business, but without a cleaning protocol to keep your salon to standard, you won’t see much of an incline in business. At LashCat, we continually provide you with the best products in the beauty industry to encourage your professional and personal growth, and we understand that a clean salon is certainly a happy establishment. 

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