Magnetic Lashes - Are They Worth the Hype?

We love a good false lash - a stellar lash extension set that instantly transforms your eyes into a doe-eyed and fabulous vision. 

Out-of-this-world falsies can be quite intimidating. Our range of products includes our Flat Lash D Curl Eyelash Extension that creates a dramatic eye-opening effect is developed with you in mind. Easy, affordable and tailored to your desired style. 

In the world of lashes, we keep up with the hottest trends. The newest addition in the lash extension family? The long-awaited magnetic lashes.

Are they worth the hype? Let’s take a look.


What are Magnetic Lashes?

Magnetic lashes have become increasingly popular due to the simple process of applying them. These lashes feature tiny magnets that work together along your lash line as they lock together to stick on. The magnetic force that keeps them on is what so many customers are drawn to; no sticky adhesives, constant reusability and environmentally friendly.

Magnetic lashes are applied on the top and bottom lashes, gripping onto the lash line. The top strip is lined up to the outside of the lash with the inner corner of your eyes. Next, you bring the bottom lashes to meet the top and when they’re close enough together - snap- they lock together to create a voluminous lash set.


Why Adhesive Lashes are Better Than Magnetic Extensions

But are they a better investment than classic lash extensions? We don’t think so. 

Applying magnetic lashes is accessible, but to achieve the same results as glued-on lash extensions, you need a whole lot of practice and hand-eye coordination. Improper magnet application can result in the outer corners curling outwards and making them appear like they’re ‘popping out’ of place.

Consumers that started gung-ho about magnetic lashes quickly lost that passion after a couple of daily wears. Some consumers reported that the magnets on the lashes had connected and pulled away from the other set of lashes, causing eye irritability.

The trick with magnetic lashes is to get the technique down pact. If you don’t apply them properly, you have a high risk of them falling out throughout the day, or them looking out of place. Adhesive lashes enable you to put on your lashes and go - no risk of them falling randomly unless you legitimately forgot the attaching glue.

The purpose of lash extensions is to enhance your look flawlessly. Magnetic lashes, though simple to put on, are not as committed to the lash line as traditional adhesive extensions. 


Opened Your Eyes to Magnetic Lashes? Contact LashCat for Extravagant Products

Don’t get too attached to magnetic lashes. Our extensions will stay on longer and give you a more voluminous appearance.

Celebrate the rise of falsies with our lavish products! Contact us here for more information or to speak to one of our fab beauty experts!


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