Make Your Lashes Sparkle, Wherever You Are

Since masks are mandatory (for good reason), people’s faces have been hidden under a layer of material for the past couple of months and the familiarity of seeing someone’s face at the local grocery store has been forced to disappear. Where the lower half of the face is hidden, the naked upper part has become the spotlight; more lash power and less lip pout. Full lashes have always been a symbol of playfulness and a flirty attitude, dating back to femme fatales such as Cleopatra and Sophia Loren. Beautiful lashes are the driving force behind a hypnotic stare and, with so many evolving lash styles, one of the them will fit your perfect style.



Ultra-black lash with a glossy overtone. The body of the lash is thicker, meaning it lasts longer and has a curve to the shape unlike mink lashes. Perfect if you are looking for volume, dimension and pizazz.



Natural-looking, fresh and girl-next-door feel. Light lash with a matte finish, giving you the darkest look out of all materials as it’s synthetic. Perfect if you are a go-getter, ready to take on the day while looking like a total bombshell.



Whoa, mama! The most dramatic lash designed wider than the silk and mink lash, it’s composed of the lightest material so you can bat those flirty lashes without hurting your eyelids. Opt for these sexy lashes if you want to feel upscale and polished.


Recognizing your lashes as a prime feature of your visage is a gentle reminder to keep being kind to ourselves even when we don’t feel the greatest in these unprecedented times. Small stops to the supermarket or pharmacy don’t have to be boring and redundant. If you have a poor perception of how your eyes look it can create an instant sense of self-doubt, and alternatively if your eyes glow whenever you speak, you are undoubtedly more confident. Great are more than just an aesthetical trend, it can truly spark a person’s self-confidence and outer self-worth. Just as eyes can tell a story, the lashes can transform it into a fairytale.



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