Natural Lash Biology 101

Ah, the lash. The lash is more than just a pretty face that makes your face look pretty; it’s the classic accessory to making eyes sultry and beautiful while protecting the eye from incoming dirt and debris. 


We dive into the anatomy of the lash, covering its lifespan, cycle and everything in between. LashCat recognizes the importance of a fresh natural lash, and we want to teach you all about it.


The Anatomy of a Lash


Most of us have anywhere from 100 to 160 lashes on top that vary among five or six lash rows, and around 80 lashes can be found on our bottom lash. The eyelash is made up of the hair shaft (the visible lash), a root beneath the skin that keeps it in place, and the bulb (baby lash ready to grow). That fabulous combination is connected to the blood supply in your eye that keeps it alive.


Although we love lashes because they serve eye-enhancing and dramatic effects, they also serve a biological functional purpose. Lashes are designed to protect the eye from incoming debris and they send signals to the rest of the nervous system to close the eye for further damage. Beautiful and efficient? We are here to celebrate natural lash!


The Lash Cycle


Like all alive parts of your body, your lashes have a life cycle; this cycle consists of three stages:

  1. The Anagen Phase AKA the Active Growth Phase: Lasts anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks in which your natural lash attaches to the blood supply and grows. The longer the lash stays in place during the Anagen Phase, the longer your natural lash will be.
  2. The Catagen Phase AKA the Transition Phase: Lasting between 2 to 3 weeks, this is where your lash detaches itself from the blood supply and the eyelash stops growing. If a lash is rubbed off or falls out unnaturally, there will be a gap between lashes.
  3. The Telogen Phase AKA the Resting and Shedding Phase: The longest phase lasting 3 to 4 months, this last chapter in the lash cycle prepares the lash for the Anagen phase. Lashes are resting, while baby lashes are preparing in the lash follicle to grow and push the adult lashes out.


It’s important to note that lashes are actual, living things that have a natural lifespan. If your lashes are treated correctly, they will appear fuller and lengthier as ‘falling out’ won’t happen as often. 


It Comes (And Goes) With Age


Growing older is a privilege however it can take a toll on your lashes. As our bodies age, so do the hormones that provide us with healthy lash growth. Where a lash can take about 6 weeks to grow back in our younger years, as we get older that time frame is extended to 12 to 16 weeks. 


As we get older, lashes don’t retain as much moisture as before resulting in a damaged hair follicle. Not to fret, it happens to everyone and our Dual Mascara Serum & Coating ShineE is proven to provide popper lash nutrition and boost lash growth.


Now that you’re properly trained, go into the world and love your lashes! 

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