Natural Makeup Look in 5 Minutes

I have always been mesmerized by people with seemingly perfect and glowing skin, as my skin is a combination of oily, some dry patches and acne; I guess some people have to work harder on maintaining great skin than others. I have also discovered that in order to achieve beautiful skin, sometimes you gotta fake it till you make it; I’m talking about using some tricks of the trade to hide the blemishes and spots without looking like you have any make up on. No matter what month or mood you find yourself in, you can always achieve a natural makeup look because it takes less than 5 minutes.


So what are some ways that you can look naturally beautiful with using minimal makeup? Here’s what I learned through the years (and university when I was running off of 3 hours of sleep).


Moisturizer Is Your Best Friend: Even if you skip all the other tips, you can get away with just using moisturizer; that’s because moisturizer boosts your glow and makes you appear fresh and awake even if you are coming down from a Sangria hangover. Never skip the moisturizer.


Do the Dew: Dewey skin, especially in winter months, makes you look like you have healthy skin that can withstand any weather condition. The best products to create that healthy dewey glow are based on cream; cream blushes, cream highlights and cream primers.


Primer is Primary:  A good primer will cover your blemishes without overpowering your skin, and it makes you radiate without much effort. It literally helps light your face up by brightening areas and covering problem spots. Pair your primer with a trusted concealer and you are set to take on the day.


Finishing Touches: The two things I ALWAYS do before leaving the house, even if I don’t have time for anything else is take care of my brows and lips. For the brows, I brush them out with a mascara wand and pencil them in to give me that commanding gaze. For my lips, I put some light lipstick with a lip balm on top to give me that natural pop of colour and I’m out the door. While it only took me a minute, good brows and pouty lips bind the whole Natural Makeup look together.


Let LashCat Guide You

The world is your oyster and natural looking makeup enhances the God/Godess you are, but others think that you were born with it. LashCat has an amazing range of products to help you achieve your perfect Natural Makeup look that doesn’t overpower your beauty and style. Choose to feel confident even when you don’t feel your best and face the world with a little concealer and moisturizer, take on the day with your power brows and smile at your struggles with your lightly colored lips.





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