Overplucking Solved

Brows can look like thick caterpillars when left unplucked, rebellious when part of them are shaved or plucked thin like a 1920’s silent movie star. All brows are beautiful if you are confident and comfortable enough to wear them however you want, but sometimes overplucking your eyebrows can make you not feel your best self. We’ve all done it, taken a tweezer and plucked way too many hairs in order to achieve independently what you would get a salon. I am here to say that if you find yourself overplucked and sad, there is a bright light at the end of the hairy tunnel.

 Personally, I don’t have the problem of not growing hair fast enough as my Eastern European heritage would attest, but in my high school days I would pluck as many eyebrow hairs as I could to prove that I have eyes. At times, I would pluck so many that I needed to pencil my brow shape after, but they would eventually grow and the whole process would start again. I consider myself quite lucky that my hair grows back so fast because one of my closest friends had alopecia and could not grow much eyebrow hair naturally. Though overplucking is a temporary problem, alopecia and eczema are more of a permanent nuisance that require more attention. Other ways why your eyebrow might not look as full as you would like them to be are hormone imbalance, unhealthy lifestyle, stress and vitamin deficiencies.

Eyebrows typically take anywhere from four to eight weeks. Microblading has become a popular way to get your best look back. Using the Pro Pencil, your aesthetician can have flawless pre-draws to allow you to see the look you are going to get. If you are looking to grow your eye brows back, how can you speed up the process? Here are some tips:

Castor Oil- It’s a low-risk, at home remedy used for thousands of years that has been proven to increase hair growth. Simply rub some castor oil on the brow spots that you require and the hair will grow back in no time.

Aloe Vera- Not just for your wicked sunburns! Aloe vera is rich in calcium and magnesium which stimulates healthy hair growth. Who knew?

Vitamin E- Vitamin E has also been proven effective in eyelash growth and overall health, so that’s a 2-for-1. Vitamin E stimulates the brow follicles for faster results and it’s a natural and safe ingredient that is safe for everyone to use.

Whether we like to admit it or not, great hair is incredibly valued in society. Whether you have a luscious mane, beautiful lashes or a fantastic brow, they are appreciated by all those around us. Overplucking has happened to many of us, and as a beauty fanatic that has fallen into the over-tweezing craze, I can affirm that overplucked brows are awful. The good news is there are ways that we can improve and hide the unwanted brow and continue to live our best selves. In this scenario, let’s put our best brow forward.


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