Put Your Best Face Forward with the No-Makeup Look!

Feeling confident without an ounce of makeup on is a superpower that all of us strive to have. It seems like the only people that can possess that power are celebrities and supermodels. For the rest of us, we sometimes need that natural makeup glow-up to empower us every day. That is totally normal!

LashCat wants you to feel good in your skin, whether it’s using our Brow and Brush Combo to pull yourself together in the morning or using our Dual Mascara Serum & Coating ShinE to give your eyes some brightness after 3 hours of sleep. Whatever your go-to beauty methods are, we support you!

We have come with 5 expert tips on how you can feel confident with minimal makeup!


5 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Naturally Stunning Features

Nailing that no-makeup effect can be super easy! We have 5 tips on you can put your best face forwards without looking cakey and overpowering your stunning natural features.


  1. Skip the Foundation: Yes, you heard us. Foundation is a fantastic addition to a luxurious night out or an exciting date, but it’s not an essential tool in your natural no-makeup appearance. Instead, opt for a gentle exfoliant that leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated and youthful. Finish with oil-free sunscreen to give your face the dewey and glamorous effect.
  2. Choose a Creamy Eyeshadow: Bright eyes can give you that extra pep in your step even when you’re not feeling 100%. Creamy eyeshadow is perfect for every day because it looks natural throughout the day and illuminates your appearance.
  3. Groom Your Brows: Brushing your brows can instantly make you look more put together. Our Brow and Brush Combo can transform an unruly look into defined and clean eyebrows. Brushing your brows upwards and outwards can create a full eyebrow without the use of any pencils.
  4. Highlight Your Best Features: Dabbing highlighter to accentuate your cheekbones, brow lines, and cupid’s bow illuminates your complexion without looking over the top. The trick to nailing the natural makeup appearance is to look radiant without using an excessive amount of product. 
  5. Finish with a Lip Tint: Using a soft balm can pull your look all together. Add a little pop of natural colour to your lips and add the perfect amount of colour to your face without a severe colour that can drown out your natural features. Plus, a lip balm creates soft and supple lips all-year-round.


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Your best feature is your confidence. When you’re not feeling your best, you can take on the day with a few beauty tricks that will enhance your features without overpowering your stunning natural features.

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