Raise Eyebrows with Your Confidence this Spring!

Your self-worth shouldn’t be dependent on anyone else’s opinion but your own. Sometimes, we all have bad days and we need a little boost in our confidence that can empower us to move forward - whether it’s a hot bath, painting your nails or taking a walk for some much-needed fresh air. We want to add another way of building yourself up that’s sure to lift everyone’s spirits up as well with, drum roll please, our fab New Arrivals!


Show me what’s in and trending! 

LashCat is giving you new products to put a pep in your step as the warm weather approaches. Flash those beautiful peepers with our new lashes that will turn heads and amaze every onlooker you pass. So, what have we added to spring 2021 essentials? Here are just some stunning makeup pieces and sets that need to be in your makeup bag right now:

  • All new falsies designed to give you a fuller eye, whether you’re craving that doe-eyed stare or the more natural look
  • Tweezers that give you the best precision to shape your brows 
  • New shades of brow pigments to match your unique colour


Beauty products designed to fit your lifestyle 

Adding new makeup staples to your beauty regimen can be simple! 

At LashCat, we want you to feel your best year-round, and that’s why we developed timeless beauty products that fit your lifestyle. While talented makeup artists can offer you great advice on how to frame your face, bring out your stunning eye colour and create a jaw-dropping contour, you can feel your best at home every day with our fab new arrivals!

We want you to take us on your beauty journey, whether you need to apply your Dual Mascara Serum & Coating ShineE in between meetings to nail all your presentations, or getting that extra boost of courage to meet your partner’s family with the FierceLash, LashCat wants to join your lifestyle. Our products are meant to enhance your daily life and help you conquer the day by looking fab! 


Look glam within your budget!

Wanting to give more love to your brows? Our full range of tweezers can help you maintain your brows without breaking your budget. At LashCat, we’re more than just a beauty company! We’re confidence boosters! Flirty beauty fanatics! We want to make you feel like you’re living the best version of yourself without looking like a completely different person. 

Start warming up any room you walk into this spring and summer! Shop our full range of affordable and superior beauty products today and raise eyebrows with your confidence!



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