Should I get Eyelash Extensions?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve hit that snooze button a few times on a Monday morning. You have rushed through your make up, and eaten breakfast on the go. Life is short, time is precious, and there is nothing better sleep!

Fast forward to this morning. I woke up; yes I hit the snooze, but eventually pulled myself out of bed, applied foundation and lip-gloss, had a yogurt and was out the door. And on time I might add! How is this possible? Eyelash extensions.

 Eyelash extension application

Getting eyelash extensions is a decision you will not regret.

When choosing an eyelash extension technician there are some things to consider. Are they certified? What products are they using? Have you had a consultation? Do you have any allergies or sensitivities they need to be aware of?

Make sure your technician is certified. My technician had her certificate on the wall from International Beauty Institute. She boasted about her experience there and their 3 convenient locations throughout the GTA.


eyelash extension application

Your initial application will be the longest.

The process itself feels long for the first time, but cut your technician some slack; they are placing countless lashes on for you. Once it is complete, you will not believe your eyes. People will notice how good your lashes look. I went with a more natural look, and friends said they never realized how long my eyelashes were.

The best part about eyelash extensions, is that after your initial set is complete, you only have to go in for refills where they will basically replenish your look. My extensions lasted a few weeks, and I was told it is basically based on how soon your lashes naturally fall out.

All in all I am officially hooked. Like a haircut, or manicure, I have added my eyelash extension refills into my regular routine, and you should to.

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