Skip the DIY Lashes and Opt for A Professional Lash Technician Instead!

 Boxed hair dye. Bikini waxes. Brow tints. Some things should just be left to the professionals. While at-home eyelash extensions sound like the perfect solution, your alternative of seeing a lash technician is a much better option.


While most grocery store or pharmacy products have been tested and verified across numerous tests, opting to do your own falsies can have more negative repercussions than positive ones. Lashes aren’t all one size fits all. Your lashes need the attention they deserve in order to thrive. DIY falsies just don’t cut it if you’re searching for phenomenal lashes!


Lash technicians have extensive training

You might have bought lash glue with plenty of cyanoacrylates that promises to keep your lashes glued and proper. However, that ingredient can compromise the safety of your eyelids and eyesight, and can even burn parts of your skin.


If cyanoacrylate comes in contact with any sort of cotton fibres, it can cause a severe reaction. So beware you decide to DIY your own falsies, please consider the benefits of spending a little more on a professional lash technician that fully understands the composition of adhesive ingredients.


Artists go through intensive education, acquire valuable skills and techniques and are educated on the composition of lash health. Additionally, they can perfectly customize your set of lashes extensions to perfectly frame your face structure, all while ensuring you are comfortable throughout your appointment.


Learning and Growing (Cycle)

We’ll skip the biology lesson and get straight to the nitty-gritty of your lash growth cycle. Since eyelashes grow at different rates, a lash technician can properly tailor your falsies to your exact lash measurements. If you try to DIY and glue a strip of lashes to lash that isn’t ready to fall out, your lash line might result in multiple bald spots.


Too much pressure on your lashes, either from incorrectly applying glue to the lash line or putting too much adhesive on lashes that aren’t ready to fall out yet, can only heighten the chances of your lashes prematurely.


A lash technician will empower your confidence through their expertise!

At LashCat, we’re accepting of all, whether you’re a lash enthusiast or a professional!


You’ll want your eyes open for this news: DIY your own lashes won’t result in the spectacular lashes you’d hoped for. Instead, always opt for the trained lash technician with the right education backing them up! If you are a lash technician yourself, you’ve probably seen some clients stroll in after trying to apply their own lashes and hold back a chuckle.


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