Step away from the clumpy mascara and step into a world of lash magic with eyelash embellishments!

 It’s the summer of 2021 and full lashes are in. You’re feeling good being social at your neighbour’s barbeque knowing you look amazing with your falsies. While most of us have not been blessed with long and thick lashes, LashCat will have the perfect eyelash extension set for you that will make your eyes pop and can be customized to your lash line.


When traditional mascara doesn’t work, or you’re tired of waking up early to apply a few coats before your important work meeting, a fab lash set is your answer! With the warmer weather here to stay for a while, you want to kick your eyes up a notch in intensity. What’s the boldest way to make a grand entrance in 2021? Eyelash embellishments!


What are eyelash embellishments?

Embellishments may be a little intimidating at first, but they’re a sure way to grab the right attention to your eyes. This trend can be carried out spearheaded by your personality - whether you’re into applying glitter and gold to your lash line, adding rhinestones to individual lashes or adding a dash of sequins. What we love about this trend is that it has no limits, and has that ‘made ya look’ effect on everyone that meets you.


We think 2021 should be infused with a little over-the-top lash that can bring a spark to everyday life. Just as you go a little extra on that 10K run, you should go a little extra regarding your lashes. Have your fabulous glitter moment that doesn’t look like a 4th grade art project and apply embellishments at the outside corner of your falsies to make your eyes truly pop. If you’re craving that full and bold dramatic effect, infuse some coloured embellishments that truly show every colour of your unique personality!


Integrating fun in your daily makeup routine

While your falsies and brow brush are in your daily makeup routine, infuse the fun and creative side of the unexpected lash accessory! When you need that pep in your step, just look in the mirror and remember you’re a badass with incredible lashes.


Your lashes are a gift of their own, because you’re wearing them! Every day, you may be doing the same routine. Kick it up a notch and try the embellished lash look while having endless creative possibilities with your accessory selection. Our full range of products allow you to have a safe and creative lash experience by only providing you with the safest beauty products on the market. 

Shop all of our lash products here and accessories and make your lashes pop!


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