Taking Care of Your Natural Lashes

As our bodies get older, we are progressively finding new beauty trends to help take care of ourselves and to maintain a healthy lifestyle in a rapidly changing world. We opt for the expensive shampoo that repairs split ends, buy the more expensive moisturizer with less chemicals and wear the lipstick that is animal-cruelty free to help our fury friends and the environment. There are so many areas of our body that can go unnoticed and one of the most important hidden gems that we at times forget are our lashes.

What I love about eyelashes is that they’re all as unique as snowflakes. Not two people share the same set of lashes and that’s what makes them incredible to look at. Sometimes we forget that we need to protect our lashes so that they can continually grow and look beautiful. Too many times, I would layer my lashes with four coats of heavy mascara, go out, come back and fall asleep with my makeup on; I remember the next morning my lashes looked like tarantula legs because my lashes stuck together.

In the last year, I have commenced researching how I can improve my lash knowledge and came up with some of the best tips to keep your lashes healthy and growing.

  • Vitamins are vital. Before my research, I thought vitamins were only truly useful to children, pregnant ladies or people 70+, but vitamins like B-3, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C are imperative to lash growth, thickness and repair.
  • Special Oils. Keratin for adding strength, castor oil for volume and biotin for overall lash health. Natural ingredients for natural beautifully looking lashes.
  • Avoid rubbing. Intense eyeball rubbing can cause lashes to fall out and itchiness, as it can create dryness around the eye and can eventually cause rashes.
  • Brushing twice a day. This tip was particularly surprising to me, but brushing your lashes twice a day actually stimulates the natural oils in your lashes to let them grow and create a lusty natural lash.
  • Oil-based makeup remover. Oil is much more gentle than non-oil-based makeup remover as it’s more hydrating and more slippery.

 I am a woman that adores a fancy lash, equipped with a false voluminous extension that turns heads; I feel glamorous, sexy and confident. However, taking care of my natural lashes that support my lovely extensions is more imperative the older I turn. Our natural lashes are one of the few things that don’t change much from when you are an infant to when you are a senior and it’s time to thank them and take care of them as best as we can. Lashes are meant to protect the eye from dirt, residue and sweat and they are considered the last line of defence for your eyeball; they are the unsung heroes of the face.

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