The Russian Volume Lash: Why It’s Here to Stay

The Beauty Industry is changing daily, where one trend can be monumental one day and forgotten about the next; with YouTube videos, Snapchat stories and Instagram reels, a person can literally teach themselves whatever trend is most recent and pay forward their knowledge to other viewers without spending a single dime. You can teach yourself how to dye your hair properly and apply rouge like the best in the biz, but there are some beauty staples that just can’t be done by yourself, such as eyelash extensions. Lash extensions have become a lot more prominent in the 21st Century but have actually been a style since the early 1900’s when women opted for longer lashes to make themselves more desirable to suitors. Society has changed since then, but lash extensions are still very much in style.


The newest addition to the lash extension family is the ‘Russian Volume Lash’, the most innovative lash to date; this set of lashes illuminates your eyes with the biggest pop of volume without hurting your eyes. The standards set of lashes allows up to eight lashes to be glued to one of your individual lashes, creating the doe-eyed stare that melts anyone who looks at you. They are incredibly light , where as the standard silk lash weighs .20 grams the Russian Volume lash is only .007 grams allowing three times more lashes to be added on. The new innovation in lashes enables all sorts of clients to indulge in lashes as the light material doesn’t weigh down on the eyelid creating a flawless, invisible-feeling lash. A client can choose wide, medium or a narrow structure to the lash and, just like any other styles, they can also tailor the lash extension regarding the shape of the lash. A typical Russian Volume set lasts a total of 6 weeks, but you can elongate their shelf life by using our LashCat Disposable Mascara Wands to fan and brush any knots out so that you lose the risk of them falling out more rapidly than they should. You can also opt for our Volume 90 Degree tweezers that are specifically designed with their cornered angle so that you can reach every single lash without hurting your eyelids.


A simple lash is always good, but a voluminous lash is always great. The difference between a trend and a beauty staple is the permanence in how they make a person feel. I don’t wear the same flood pants I wore in grade 9 because Avril Lavigne made them famous because it was a passing trend and I wouldn’t feel the same way at 28 years old. I would, however, wear the same mascara I wore in grade 9 because I still feel empowered and beautiful. Beautiful lash extensions are a beauty staple, not a trend and with the new Russian Volume Lashes, this staple is definitely here to stay.

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