Why Lash Cleansers are Essential to Falsies | 5 Tips For Cleaning and Maintaining Your Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions have the ability to take your makeup routine to the next level. While a few good coats of mascara and your trusty lash curler can instantly open up your eyes, eyelash extensions carry the magic of making you pulled together and radiant in a matter of minutes.


While lash extensions are convenient and transformative, they’re not always easy to clean. A lash cleanser, most importantly, prevents eye infections and reduces any potential irritation. So, how do clean your lash sets without compromising the quality of the extensions? We have your answer!


5 Tips on properly cleaning lash extensions

  1. Clean lash extensions two to three times a week. Oil and makeup settle on them, and by getting rid of any dirt that has accumulated on them, you get the freshest sets of every application.
  2. Use our Lash Cleanser that is proven to maintain eye and lash health. Avoid potential glycols, oils and sticky substances that are regularly found in regular facial cleansers and opt for a formula that is specifically created for lash health.
  3. Avoid using products containing oils around or on your eyelids that include moisturizers, foundations, aromatherapy oils, eye creams or heavy spray toners. These products can further add on to the dirt that settles on your lashes, can dilute the strength of the lash extensions and can even compromise your eye health if not cleaned properly.
  4. Avoid using makeup remover wipes as they contain ingredients that can make your lashes fall prematurely. While you can use makeup remover wipes for the rest of your face, always go for the lash cleanser when it comes to your eyes.
  5. Clean your extension after vigorous exercises. The sweat that can accumulate can weaken the lash glue and make your lashes fall faster than you’d expect.


Why regular lash cleaning is good for your eye health!

Just as you regularly go to the dentist for your teeth checkup, so should you keep your lash extensions healthy regularly. You want to look amazing while wearing your fabulous falsies, not worry about leftover gunk that can intrude your eyes.


Removing any oils, debris and dirt that has settles on your lash extensions from day-to-day use ensures that you can have the set for an extended period of time, prevents eye infections and maintains lash structure. It’s one of the easiest ways to keep more money in your wallet while looking stunning with your falsies!

Shop our full range of beauty products here and experience a world of full beauty possibilities that is good for your eye health!


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Amy Saunders February 13, 2022

Hi there! I’ve been invited to my friend’s wedding next month and many of my other friends will be there. So I really need to step up my beauty game. Luckily, you reminded us that it’s better to stay away from oil-based facial products to avoid our extensions from becoming weak. I’ll keep this tip in mind so the final look will be fantastic later on. https://otc.sonomapharma.com/products/ocucyn-eyelid-and-eyelash-cleanser

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