Win Over Your Winter Woes: 5 Beauty Staples to Get You Thru the Season

Winter is a stunning season: snow falling down exactly like in a Hallmark movie, the smell of mulled wine at Christmas markets and being able to layer up all your warm clothes so fashionably that even Rachel Green would be jealous. Yes, Canadian winter is beautiful, but it can also produce some negative effects on your skin and hair. Not to fret, here are some ways that winter won’t get in the way.


Flaky Scalp: Personally, this is the worst toll that winter brings upon me. You get out of the shower and you think your hair will be sleek and shiny, and you go outside and your scalp reverts to being dry and having dandruff. But there is a secret to beating those flakes: get a shampoo high in pyrithione zinc (creates more suds) and let it sit on your scalp for 10 minutes. The shampoo will help your scalp become moisturized and will decrease your chances of dandruff when your hair is dry.


Combat Dryness: Winter literally sucks the moisture from the air, causing skin dryness and irritation. Moisturizing agents that are oil-based like coconut and moroccan oil can help your scalp and hair feel rejuvenated and combat itchiness. Hooray for oils!


Moisturize A Lot! A dry face can also make applying makeup a lot more difficult that it needs to as cover-up and concealer look caked on. Moisturizer can help tremendously because it creates a smoother service for you to apply your makeup and helps restore that ‘glowing’ look that makes everyone look younger.


Stay Away From Oil-Based Makeup Remover: Oil-based makeup remover clogs your pores, worsens your acne and makes you look older than your age. If you have lash extensions, this tip specifically calls to you as oil-based makeup remover actually quickens the rate of your extensions falling out. You want to clear yourself of anything that blocks your skin from breathing in the winter to let it battle other harsh elements like dryness and freezing weather.


Sleep: The most relaxing tip. A good night’s sleep has been proven again and again that it has numerous health benefits, helps you feel re-energized and help you lose weight. In the winter, a good sleep is imperative because that’s the time that your body reproduces collagen to help you look young and refreshed, and without collagen we get wrinkles. So cuddle up to your favourite pillow.


Feel Confident, Not Confined


A good skin and hair routine is crucial throughout all the seasons, but winter is especially important because of all the other seasonal elements like snow, below 0 temperatures and harsh winds. Winter is gorgeous, and so are you! Keep your skin glowing, your hair sleek and your smile bright by following these tips, and all you have to worry about this upcoming season is how many presents can fit in Santa’s sleigh for you.


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