Winter and Eyelash Extensions

‘Tis the season for winter eyelash extensions. Winter brings snow, sweaters, puffy jackets, cute toques, and cold weather. This means we are all faced with static, dry skin, and lash-ues (lash issues?)… In order to master winter lash extension application, practice practice practice, and write down these tips!


Know your glue and control your room. If you haven’t already learned this, the humidity in your room goes hand in hand with the type of glue you use and its effectiveness. We heard from many of you when it got more humid, your glue wasn’t cooperating. This is why we offer multiple glue options for different humidity’s. It is important to have the right equipment to control your room, and keep an eye on how it holds the humidity long term.



Give your clients recommendations to enhance the life of their lashes.


  • Don’t touch them, don’t rub your eyes
  • Planning on going swimming? Give yourself at least 48 hours to be safe. If you can avoid it don’t put your head underwater, or wear large goggles
  • Sauna? Please pass, although the glue is set, wait 48 hours or longer
  • Avoid using any product on or near the lashes, oils especially can break down the adhesive
  • Don’t take a steamy shower and avoid the face. Yes, please clean your face, it is necessary, but avoid touching and rubbing your eyelashes


With these tips, you can give your clients the best lash experience. Eyelash extensions maintenance is a 50/50 split between the technician and the client. Technicians are responsible for application and providing aftercare instructions, and the client is responsible for following the direction given.


Stay lashy.

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