Work that curl - we help you choose the perfect curl for your eye shape!

With all the different types of lashes that vary in thickness, length, and curl, choosing lashes can be a tad overwhelming. At LashCat, we’re here to help you ease the process of choosing the perfect lashes for your eye shape while enhancing your fab face structure.


What are the different types of lash curls?

Eyes are like snowflakes; no two are the same and that’s what makes them so magical. Choosing the right lash curl can truly bring out your natural features and create an enhanced symmetrical appearance that instantly boosts your confidence. Here are some of the most popular lash curls, and when you should use them:


  • The J-Curl. Generally, the J-curl has the least amount of arch, and it’s perfect if you’re looking to have a more natural look. Use the J-curl lash if your natural lashes are either are straight or point downwards.
  • The B-Curl. The B-curl is slightly more curved than the J-curl and offers a little more lift and volume. Perfect if you don’t like feeling the lashes in the inner corners of your eyes but are still searching for some eye drama!
  • The C-Curl. The most popular style, the C-Curl is used to create a dramatic effect without looking over the top. You can shop our lashline of C-curls that will perfectly complement your appearance here!
  • The D-Curl. This curl is sure to mesmerize everyone that meets you. Bring on the volume and the drama, because the D-curl is the perfect accessory for your night out with a lift and an eye-opening effect! Shop the D-curl with us here!
  • The L-Curl. 


What eyelash curl works for my eye shape?


  • Almond eyes. Congrats, you won the lash jackpot! You can essentially use any curl for your lash lines because your almond shape will embrace any lash curves!
  • Hooded or deep-set eyes. The C-curl will enhance your shape the best as it can truly make your eyes lift at the corners and give them an enhanced dramatic appearance.
  • Prominent eyes. Those peepers probably garner you attention everywhere you go - why not add on to the attention with the D-curl that perfectly compliments your eyes and mesmerizes everyone who meets you?
  • Wide-set eyes. Any lash is perfect for your fab eyes, just make sure that the lashes are fuller in the middle and shorter at the outer corner of your eyes for the most flattering effect!


Now that you know your lashes, it’s time to get some!

Whether you’re a seasoned lash vet or just getting started, LashCat will have exactly what you’re looking for! Shop our full range of products here and embrace your eye shape with the perfect curl!


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