Your No-Nonsense Guide to Lash Serums

Raise your hand if you’re on a quest for thicker and fuller lashes. Us too! That’s why we are constantly providing you with the best beauty industry products on the market that are both safe and effective. It’s a win-win-win situation to fit your budget, satisfy your beauty needs and be a loyal fan of us, just we’re like a loyal fan of every one of our clients. 

Yes, we love our lash extensions, and yes we love all of our accessories, but what’s the verdict on our serums? Of course, we love them too! Unsure of what they exactly do for your lashes and want to know more? Let’s dive right in, shall we?


What does a lash serum do?

Eyelash serums work to hydrate and condition your natural lash hairs by stimulating lash growth. By keeping your natural lash growth cycle in place, you will see drastic effects on your natural lash’s length and volume. Lash serums have specific peptides that act to boost your skin cells to create a healthier foundation and keep them growing stronger. 


How long until I see fuller lashes? 

Most individuals see results within eight weeks, due to the lashes needing time to grow and for them to appear thicker and lusher. We recommend using the serum every night for eight weeks and then sticking to four nights a week after that.


Do lash serums really work?

We promise you that we’re not leading into a path where you’re wasting your time and money. Serums are super-lash friendly and give ‘em that boost you’ve been looking for without putting your health or your lash line at risk.

Getting lush and amazing lashes can be as easy as applying a few swipes of mascara in the morning. You can now get voluminous lashes without all the goopy substance that can arise from layers upon layers of mascara while promoting healthy lash growth!


Why are lash serums healthier for your lash than applying mascara?

Eyelash growth serums assist with promoting the growth of the real eyelash, instead of extending the length you already have with mascaras and primers. Even though many mascara formulas contain essential ingredients like peptides and biotin, they're somewhat counterintuitive in the fact that during the removal process, eyelashes can be ripped out, leaving sparse areas that need even more assistance with growth.


Your healthy lash journey begins with safe and effective lash serums!

If you’ve been searching to give your lashes that healthy boost in helping them grow, then serums are your answer! Browse our full range of lash and beauty products here, and get empowered by incredible lashes!


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